Already 10 000 000 CZK to help Ukraine!

Yes, that's how much you have already contributed to Ukraine by buying these unique commemorative prints. Thank you not only as us - ČESKÉ DUKÁTY - but also as the non-profit organization POST BELLUM. Your funds went to the account of its charity collection.

But the war is not over... The help MUST continue. Indifference and habit must not prevail. So to all those who decide to buy our commemorative prints again or again, thank you in advance.

We trust that you will find these unique master prints not only a constant reminder and testament to your humanity and love of freedom but also a treasured collector's artifact.

Havel bankovka

The support that Ukraine has been recieving from the Czech citizens, companies and institutions is extraordinary. ČESKÉ DUKÁTY have decided to help with what it does best. Being the issuer of ducats and other commemorative prints in the form of banknotes, they have come up with another commemorative note, this time with Ukrainian motifs.

The commemorative note, displaying the symbolic blue-yellow colour, was designed by the painter Eva Hašková. She is an experienced designer of banknotes and stamps. The front of the commemorative note features a detail of the Berehynia statue - a symbol of freedom - erected in Independence Square in Kyiv. The back side of the note depicts the oldest church in the capital of Ukraine, the St. Sophia Cathedral.

The printing of the commemorative note is provided by the long-standing partner of the ČESKÉ DUKÁTY - the State printing works of securities. It is printed by using offset printing on paper with a watermark of a linden leaf, and is numbered by letterpress. It is issued in a print run of 20,000 pieces, each piece will be delivered in a package from Grammage.

The commemorative note was presented to the public for the first time at the Together for Ukraine event, which took place on Sunday 3 April 2022 in Prague, Letná.


The commemorative print in the form of a banknote (the so-called “commemorative note") is a product of the ČESKÉ DUKÁTY, which specializes in valuable minted medals and commemorative prints.

It is a print that resembles a banknote and has distinct attributes - in particular, top-quality artwork, hand-prepared print and protective elements including numbering. It is issued in limited editions.

The commemorative notes are being issued in two collector's cycles. The first was Personalities and Events of Czechoslovak History. The first commemorative note was created in 2021, which was dedicated to Václav Havel. The second cycle, Extraordinary Prints, was followed by a commemorative note for the 50th birthday of Jaromír Jágr.

Another Extraordinary Print is for the fundraiser Glory to Ukraine, where 100% of the proceeds are donated to help the war-torn country.

Sláva Ukrajině

Authors of the memoir

Eva Hašková

The creator of the design, the painter Eva Hašková, is a graphic artist and illustrator, winner of many awards - like the Most Beautiful Book poll or the Czech Exlibris Triennial. She has had more than eighty solo exhibitions at home and abroad. She is a member of the Association of Czech Graphic Artists Hollar.

Eva Hašková

Martin Srb

Engraver Martin Srb works as an engraver-designer in the creation of banknote graphics at the State printing works of securities. He also works with the Czech Post, for which he has created over 150 postage stamps. His work has been presented at many exhibitions and the stamps he has been involved in have won numerous awards on the domestic and international scene.

Martin Srb
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